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Each class is designed for the work in • not the work out

Yoga begins in the present moment, and the present moment begins in silence. From the silence, words are born. Yoga is an investigation into who we are and what we are.  At Yoga Kayla, we always begin with the silence, the stillness, the meditation. From there, we will guide you through a practice rooted in breath and moving to your own ability.  We can ask ourselves these questions… what do we aspire to in a practice? What motivates our practice? What is the reason for practice?  Where does your journey start?

At Yoga Kayla, you will most likely not look like your neighbor. Why? We follow a Functional Approach to Yoga. Our bodies are different. Every single one of us has a different skeletal segment that is being moved by our muscle groups. Our poses will look different while exercising the same intended part of the body. Our Yoga poses can be effectively adapted to suit each student. 

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