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Lacey Howe

“Yoga was the link I needed to connect my mind body and spirit, we tend to look for fulfillment and happiness in external things, but the truth is everything we need is already within us we just have to learn to channel it” Lacey started her fitness journey to tone up and to lose weight. She started with yoga and then started adding in cross training. Like many others at first her fitness routine was just about the workout, but the more she practiced it became more of a mind and body connection. “ Yoga gave me the mobility and mindset to push through a challenging workout, it helped my find my inner light and inspired me to help others do the same.” lacey has completed her 200 teacher training program under the yoga alliance and has also attended many yoga workshops. Her goal is make yoga accessible to anyone and spread the message of inner love and light to all her students. One breath, one movement at a time.