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Heather Prindle

Yoga and I collided after a couple of injuries from my fast-paced, athletic practices. Although I had an interest in the physical practice and coveted living room, yoga experience--I knew I was in need of some studio teaching with the guidance of a trained instructor. I stumbled into Kayla’s studio with a torn ego and calf muscle. It was there that I shed my expectations and limitations. Like so many others, I soon realized that yoga’s physical benefits were just secondary to the spiritual growth that accompanies the consistency of a practice. The stars aligned for my teaching opportunity when after practicing at Kayla’s for about one year, she announced her own teacher training program. I would be lucky enough to be involved in her first class and I knew this was a calling for me to answer. As the saying goes, one candle can light the darkest cave. But it's hard to be in the light. As soon as we step into the light, as soon as you radiate your own light, everything dark will come after you in an attempt to extinguish your brightness. Because your light will show the truth of their darkness and they want to hide in the shadows. Love does not know darkness nor negativity. It only knows love and is expressed as such. Serving in the light with lots of love!